Purple Pants

from by Walktell



purple pants

my purple pants were perforated
in the hot midday air
it must have gone down in those still waters
i didn't see the hole was there

but kasia she sang "you can't go out in
public looking like that"
take off those purple pants and i'll fix that
hole thats at your bottom

swift red thread, a few stitches
things are looking up
and now she's mended my purple pants
in the shape of an "L"

"though there are no more rips or tears,"
she sang, "its not enough.
i think that you should set off and sew more stitches
spelling out love"

it starts with an "L" but it isn't there.
swift crimson vein, threading hot air
its that crinkle in her eyes when she sews that smile
ascending possibility of travelers mind
well she aint the one, she was just down for the count,
and you think for a moment it all will work out,
but you know the moments they passing and you find you're alone,
though theres more to sing, more to be sewn.
you're running up and out
you're at worlds end
just looking and looking for
someone to mend
your purple pants.

who will spell out love for me?


from wanderLOVE, released July 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Walktell Palo Alto, California

Walktell is a dedicated peripatetic making psych pop on instruments from all over the world. Slowly working on goal to play every instrument ever.

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