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released July 24, 2013

All songs written and recorded by Jake Wachtel (on approximately 82 instruments from around the world) @ Terrapin Station in Palo Alto, CA.

Mixed by Jay Pellici @ Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, CA
Mastered by Bob Weston @ Chicago Mastering Service



all rights reserved


Walktell Palo Alto, California

Walktell is a dedicated peripatetic making psych pop on instruments from all over the world. Slowly working on goal to play every instrument ever.

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Track Name: Purple Pants
purple pants

my purple pants were perforated
in the hot midday air
it must have gone down in those still waters
i didn't see the hole was there

but kasia she sang "you can't go out in
public looking like that"
take off those purple pants and i'll fix that
hole thats at your bottom

swift red thread, a few stitches
things are looking up
and now she's mended my purple pants
in the shape of an "L"

"though there are no more rips or tears,"
she sang, "its not enough.
i think that you should set off and sew more stitches
spelling out love"

it starts with an "L" but it isn't there.
swift crimson vein, threading hot air
its that crinkle in her eyes when she sews that smile
ascending possibility of travelers mind
well she aint the one, she was just down for the count,
and you think for a moment it all will work out,
but you know the moments they passing and you find you're alone,
though theres more to sing, more to be sewn.
you're running up and out
you're at worlds end
just looking and looking for
someone to mend
your purple pants.

who will spell out love for me?
Track Name: Pai

can you here it?
can you here it coming?
here it comes…

here comes the count once again
I'm in a foreign land, tucked inside a van
with my budding plans and wandering hands
rising up a winding road
without a doubt the only way to go
we can't look back can't see below
with our eyes trained skyward, to the flickering glow

a mass of floating lanterns straining from our grasps
filling up with hot air like the breath that came to pass
between us in the bungalow when i saw it all laid bare
in that small globe of dappled light, linger softly in your hair
the lanterns fill with promise too of holy unbounded light
when will we release them to the wilds of the night
see all around they're counting down before they let them go
lets make the jump, lets count it up,
without a doubt the only way to
go 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
take me two the top four
I'm a fixin' for heavens gate 'cause
Track Name: Open Heart
open heart

i have found a girl
and its opened my heart
it has opened my heart
i have found a girl
and its opened my heart

we were sitting on our bamboo porch
when i started thinking fully through
how easy we could make the trip
up to vertiginous tip
and so i shouted yea, i cannot turn it down

see all around there is a steaming jungle growing
though you first remained in cool repose
hot volume now afflicts us both, we shout

"i could never foresee
that id open my heart
it had seemed so hard
to open my heart
yea but I've opened my heart"

we were tramping cross that bamboo bridge
when i started singing fully from
the bottom of my heart
and once it started its ascent into the flaming dusk
i could not turn it off

like the waters that course beneath our feet
or a sanguine thread, weaving to the beat
we couldn't turn it off we sang

"we were never apart
right from the start
when you open your heart
you're never apart
you get the whole of the heart"

i have found the world
and its opened my heart
it has opened my heart
i have found the world
and its opened my heart

that is love, etc
Track Name: Fiji

pt i
eye, land, sea, all around
feverish winds and i cannot cool down
i cannot abide all these dropping doubloons
the misty morning glow persists till afternoon
hey doc, whats the tack, can you dose me
a lullaby or two?

pt ii
you can see the seasons swapping when you move up to the northern hemisphere
and all the things you could accomplish inside hunkered down away from winters drear
my dear its clear oh dear its clear i fear

its clear it seems i spoke too soon
the dissipating afternoon
matures to moonlight dripping down
like tears upon a wedding gown
you've grown my child so come on home
erase the mountains you have known
embrace the fistfuls of doubloons
you said "I'm ready" didn't you?

i could not foresee it would be so hard
i want to go back up
(back up)
up to the keening fire kites
(hold on)
where the air is thinner
(to every little word)
and our hearts lay untamed
(i had found the world)
i want to hold on to you
but it aint the same
i can't yet comprehend
why the seasons change
just from boarding an airplane

pt iii
you ever wonder what you meant when you said "forever yours"?
'cause the first time we made love i espoused a temporal infinity
wherein every single moment lasts forever in the eyes of a fifth dimensional being
but i suspect you were more literal and thus i gotta ask
what the fuck were you thinking

yea what the fuck were you thinking
i wanna know what the fuck were you thinking

i wanna know, as a student of psychology
a third party observer of phenomena perplexing me
i wanna get inside you, get inside your head
but i can't hope to escape my quiescent enmity
when i cling to every little word
i wanna know if i can believe
half of what i heard

pt iv
that is love we have lost from our hearts
Track Name: Inner Life
inner life

i wanted you i must admit to feel like shit
alone in these dark waters i would wallow
everyday until you'd say that you were wrong
even though id swallowed all my medicine
and through the looking glass half empty is no fun
whats more I'm done, I've just become
all that I've done i just begun
to chase a little ray of sunshine
she is my light, my burning star
and fills me up with helium so i can burn a little too

to whom it may concern
i'll not be going
down without a fight
i wish that i could grasp the tenets of
in my inner life

why did i find the labor of letting go
to be so goddam precarious
I'm sorry, not to you, but to the universe
to which we all belong
to wit, it won't be long
till we quit our silly little games
and i find my place
and represent my piece
and maybe find some peace
in my inner life
Track Name: Galicia

gonna walk for ya
gonna walk for a while
gonna walk four hundred
seventy eight miles
gonna walk to heaven yea
gonna walk through the void

gonna walk for ya
gonna walk for your smile
for your eyes and your breath
far too long in exile

gonna walk through plains
through the vast remains
of early reapings heaped up in their silos
while the miles pile anonymous
we have crossed our hearts a hundred times

gonna walk through the rain
and hail to the chief, the sleet and sweat
begetting sweet spring blooms a buzzing
with beginnings in the middle
when we find each other
halfway through our lessons learned
thus halfway to becoming lovers
sleeping over, going under

hark ahead a hill, do tell
do you think that we should be rising
sizing up the forking path
drawing helium with each breath
i plunder from your sunken lips
so this is altitude sickness
i cannot eat, its all a dream
i must have counted every sheep and
everyone can see we got the view
and everyone can sing "we get the picture too"
Track Name: Across The Ocean
across the ocean

in the night, inhale the cool mountain air
while the stars blink heartbeats across the milky way
and you say "all the little lights you see over there?
they could be homes on an island
and the valley, the sea"

now we sit some in silence, and i think of kissing you
while my heart pumps madly, and i'm sure you can tell
that just for a moment, for a moment too short
i can see homes on an island
amidst the endless sea

now i sit again in silence, and i think of kissing you
but we're not in the mountains, below the milky way
yet you taught me one thing, that night of our first embrace
when you saw homes on an island and the valley, the sea:
though distances seem great, just close your eyes and you'll see
you will be home across the ocean
right here with me
Track Name: Adventure With You
adventure with you

i want to make every day an adventure with you
we'll grab our treasure map, start a flambeau flaming
to illumine all the dark little spaces
a woolen mantle to keep us warm
i'll stash my lute to keep the music rolling on
a couple flakes of flint to light the fire
a flowing flagon to ensure it burns the whole night through

and you can navigate by the stars
one hand on the helm and the other warm in mine
as we let the wheel turn

i want to make every day an adventure with you
we'll grab a burlap sack of paints and clay
to give color and form to all our dreams
in the night, by candlelight
with our bodies spent and
minds open wide to
every possibility
unfolding skyward
like the cypress trees that line the shore

our fortunes bound unto the bending mast
the present ever rushing past
the waters and wheels
that move us
on and on

i want to make every day an adventure with you
we'll pass from oceanside to tallest mountain
subsisting on the love we found there

with our walking stick in hand we'll
venture out into virgin lands and

in our camelback cavalcade we'll
explore new routes for foreign trade and

in our sturdy caravel we'll
circumnavigate the world and

in our steam powered locomotive we'll
be crossing bridges till them borders is broken and

in our hydrogen dirigible we'll
soar so high above the ocean swells and

in our comfy bed at home we'll
open up unto the unknown
'cause want to make everyday an adventure with you
Track Name: Letting Go
letting go

you're letting me go
i thought you should know
you're letting me go

so i'm letting go
i am letting you go
my love its time to let go

let's go for a walk on the precipice
lean into the breeze and stand tall
breath in deep of the pacific mist
are you scared of heights or just scared of the fall?

and i still burn for my love
but as i slip into the endless sea my soul sputters out
to ash into my convalescent lungs
is the temple burning up or is it burning down?

let's go for a walk in the desert dry
mountain tops on fire, and beyond the sea unseen
let it all out, let it settle down
let go of yourself, let go of myself
Track Name: La Playa
la playa

i feel alone and thats ok, and thats ok
and i do walk until i find, i find my way
i do traverse the topographies of love
and it does tell what i am, what i am made of
i do walk and it does tell what is inside
this complex world slowly blowing open wide
unto my fragile mind that strengthens as it slips
into the unity that letting go can give

oh i have loved as i have wandered up and down
and now i know my love, i know where home is found
Track Name: Palo Alto
palo alto

and now I know my love I know where home is found