Inner Life

from by Walktell



inner life

i wanted you i must admit to feel like shit
alone in these dark waters i would wallow
everyday until you'd say that you were wrong
even though id swallowed all my medicine
and through the looking glass half empty is no fun
whats more I'm done, I've just become
all that I've done i just begun
to chase a little ray of sunshine
she is my light, my burning star
and fills me up with helium so i can burn a little too

to whom it may concern
i'll not be going
down without a fight
i wish that i could grasp the tenets of
in my inner life

why did i find the labor of letting go
to be so goddam precarious
I'm sorry, not to you, but to the universe
to which we all belong
to wit, it won't be long
till we quit our silly little games
and i find my place
and represent my piece
and maybe find some peace
in my inner life


from wanderLOVE, released July 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Walktell Palo Alto, California

Walktell is a dedicated peripatetic making psych pop on instruments from all over the world. Slowly working on goal to play every instrument ever.

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