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pt i
eye, land, sea, all around
feverish winds and i cannot cool down
i cannot abide all these dropping doubloons
the misty morning glow persists till afternoon
hey doc, whats the tack, can you dose me
a lullaby or two?

pt ii
you can see the seasons swapping when you move up to the northern hemisphere
and all the things you could accomplish inside hunkered down away from winters drear
my dear its clear oh dear its clear i fear

its clear it seems i spoke too soon
the dissipating afternoon
matures to moonlight dripping down
like tears upon a wedding gown
you've grown my child so come on home
erase the mountains you have known
embrace the fistfuls of doubloons
you said "I'm ready" didn't you?

i could not foresee it would be so hard
i want to go back up
(back up)
up to the keening fire kites
(hold on)
where the air is thinner
(to every little word)
and our hearts lay untamed
(i had found the world)
i want to hold on to you
but it aint the same
i can't yet comprehend
why the seasons change
just from boarding an airplane

pt iii
you ever wonder what you meant when you said "forever yours"?
'cause the first time we made love i espoused a temporal infinity
wherein every single moment lasts forever in the eyes of a fifth dimensional being
but i suspect you were more literal and thus i gotta ask
what the fuck were you thinking

yea what the fuck were you thinking
i wanna know what the fuck were you thinking

i wanna know, as a student of psychology
a third party observer of phenomena perplexing me
i wanna get inside you, get inside your head
but i can't hope to escape my quiescent enmity
when i cling to every little word
i wanna know if i can believe
half of what i heard

pt iv
that is love we have lost from our hearts


from wanderLOVE, released July 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Walktell Palo Alto, California

Walktell is a dedicated peripatetic making psych pop on instruments from all over the world. Slowly working on goal to play every instrument ever.

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